Work packages

The interdisciplinary project DeltAdapt is structured in three research clusters: i) State of socio-ecological systems and drivers of change, ii) Changes of soil- and water related ecosystem services, and iii) Implications for livelihood and climate. Each of these cluster is further divide into two work packages (WP) to facilitate the multidisciplinary approach.

Cluster A) State of socio-ecological systems and drivers of change

WP1000: Land use options and typology of farming systems

Task 1100: Analyses of current and historical farming systems
Task 1200: Monitoring of land use dynamics

WP2000: Drivers of change

Task 2100: Exploration of relevant drivers
Task 2200: In-depth assessment of past and current drivers of change
Task 2300: Analysis of the spatial and temporal trajectories of relevant drivers

WP3000: Soil productivity and yield potentials

Task 3100: Assess soil property changes from rice to shrimp farming and aquaculture in the prevailing cropping systems of the Mekong and Red River Deltas
Task 3200: Assessing soil property changes and yield potentials after soil selling

Cluster B) Changes of soil- and water related ecosystem services

WP4000: Pollution and food safety

Task 4100: Historical and current application rates of agrichemicals and current pollution levels
Task 4200 Development of innovative field monitoring technologies
Task 4300 Assessment of the fate (dissipation, bioaccumulation) of relevant target pesticides and antibiotics
Task 4400 Synthesis of WP4 results and recommendations on precaution measures for farmers and integrated mitigation strategies for policy makers

WP5000: Feedback to the climate system

Task 5100: Quantification of total GHG emissions of the different land uses at different climatic, hydrological and management conditions in the field
Task 5200: Elucidation of C and N loss pathways
Task 5300: Upscaling of results to the Mekong and Red River Delta regions

Cluster C) Implications for livelihood and climate

WP6000: Changing livelihoods and implications for local food security and risk profiles

Task 6100: Analyses of livelihood changes in rural delta regions
Task 6200: Estimation of the impacts of livelihood changes and consequences for risk profiles, livelihood and food security

WP7000: Policy implications

Task 7100: Analysis, synthesis and translation
Task 7200: Participatory stakeholder involvement through constant and punctual interactions and capacity development

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