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The project: Sustainable adaptation of coastal agro-ecosystems to increased salinity intrusion (DeltAdapt) is a bilateral German-Vietnamese research project funded by the BMBF under the scope of “Bioeconomy international”. This 3 year project started September 2013 and is coordinated by Prof Wulf Amelung and Dr Jens Kruse, University of Bonn, Institute of Crop Science and Resource Conservation, Division Soil Science (INRES). Around 20 scientists from both countries are participating in DeltAdapt.

Group picture of all project partneres at Kick-Off meeting at Can Tho University, October 2014
Group picture taken at the Kick-off-Meeting 28-29 October, 2014 at Can Tho University, Vietnam © Universität BonnAllgemeine Bodenkunde und Bodenökologie

Project partners

Project partners on the German side:

  • University of Bonn, Institute of Crop Science and Resource Conservation (INRES), Division Soil Science (Wulf Amelung, Jens Kruse, Susanne Weigand)
  • United Nations University, Institute for Environment and Human Security- EHS (Fabrice Renaud, Zita Sebesvari, Matthias Garschagen, Gianna Braun, Nguyen Minh Tu, Pham Thi Thanh Hoai)
  • Research Center Jülich GmbH, Institute of Bio- and Geo-Sciences (IBG-3) (Nicolas Brüggemann, Minghua Zhou)
  • Helmholtz Centre for Environmental research - UFZ, Department of Environmental Microbiology Leipzig (Dietmar Schlosser)
  • University of Würzburg (Claudia Künzer, Marco Ottinger, Kersten Clauß)
  • TerrAquat Consultants (Wolf-Anno Bischoff, Andreas Schwarz)


Project partners on the Vietnamese side:

  • Can Tho University
    (Vo Thi Guong, Duong Nhut Long, Duong Minh Vien, Pham Van Toan, Nguyen Van Qui, Tran Huynh Khanh, Nguyen Do Chau Giang)
  • Vietnam National University of Agriculture
    (Ngo The An, Nguyen Huu Thanh, Le Thi Giang, Nguyen Thi Mhin)
  • Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Department of Natural Resources and Environment
  • Ecology Farming Corporation

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