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Martina I. Gocke

Martina Gocke

Martina I. Gocke

Dr. rer. nat.


University of Bonn

Institute of Crop Science and Resource Conservation
Division Soil Science

Nussallee 13
D-53115 Bonn, Germany


Phone  ++49 (0) 2 28 73 60248
Fax      ++49 (0) 2 28 73 27 82

Email    mgocke (at)



Research interests

  • interactions in the system plant – soil – sediment (recent and paleoecosystems)
  • formation processes and recrystallization rates of pedogenic carbonates
  • pedogenesis under arid to semihumid climates
  • rhizoliths (calcified roots) as archives of paleovegetation and input of root-derived compounds
  • rhizosphere processes
  • reconstruction of paleovegetation and paleoecological conditions based on stable carbon
  • isotopes of organic matter and carbonates as well as lipid molecular proxies
  • Central and Southeast European terrestrial sediments (loess, dune sands)
  • lipid composition of higher plants and turnover of plant-derived lipids in soils
  • quantification of root-derived compounds in soils and sediments
  • distinction between root- and shoot-derived, as well as between grass- and tree-derived organic compounds
  • terrestrial carbon cycle and organic matter stabilization in the deep subsoil
  • sustainable subsoil management


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